About Swim Spa UK and Spa De La Mare

Spa De La Mare was originally founded by David De La Mare, who has revolutionised the spa manufacturing process – bringing energy efficiency and heat retention together to create spas that not only look spectacular, but are also at the forefront of technical innovation. Trading since 1980, Spa De La Mare continues to lead the field when it comes to the Swim Spa market.

The company reins were then passed to current owners Dean Gallienne and Mike Fossey, with a combined experience of over 70 years in the industry, who have continued to build on the work that David implemented in the early years, creating fully tiled swim spas that surpass expectations, both in terms of technology and aesthetics.

A celebrated provider of luxurious Swim Spas

Now, Spa De La Mare not only offer beautifully designed and manufactured swim spas to client all over the world, they also offer many extras and customisations to suit each individual client. This has not gone unnoticed by industry experts with the company winning 7 consecutive S.P.A.T.A awards for Best Spa Company throughout the years. Spa De La Mare spas are installed in locations all across the world with clients in Kenya, Sweden and Norway amongst others.

The perfect choice for every client

At Spa De La Mare, choosing the right Swim Spa for your needs doesn’t need to be confusing as there are options to suit all tastes and spaces. The beautiful Cleopatra range of swim spas have been designed to keep making a choice as simple as possible, but still give a number of choices for customisation.

Over the years Spa De La Mare have worked with a number of different clients, from well-known A-List celebrities to discerning homeowners who know that with Spa De La Mare’s quality comes longevity and value for money. Each client will be looking to fulfil a unique need, so depending on what space you are looking to fill, or what purpose you have for wanting a swim spa, Spa De La Mare can assist. All the Swim Spas available from Spa De La Mare use the latest technology in energy efficiency so whether clients opt for hydrotherapy features for their swim spa or not, they will be pleasantly surprised at the efficiency, whether clients are using them for working out in or for physiotherapy. Installation is carried out by our experienced team of specialists who will manage each project from start to finish, ensuring not only do clients have everything they need, but also that their choice complements the surrounding space, blending in like it had always been there.

Swim Spas are more than just a purchase that would look fantastic in the home – indoors or outdoors – they also offer a place for one to exercise, unwind and relax, or benefit from the benefits of hydrotherapy, and with swim spas from Spa De La Mare, our clients can enjoy all of the benefits that comes with ordering from an industry leader.