Bespoke Swim Spa

When looking for a swim spa that suits your space perfectly, there's no one size fits all' approach. Here at Spa de la Mare, we understand that everyone has unique tastes, spaces and requirements for their swim spa, which is why we are only too happy to create a bespoke swim spa solution you'll be proud to own.

Customisation options for Swim Spas

When looking for a bespoke solution to your swim spa needs, there's much to choose from. Whether you're looking for commercial premises or for your own home, there are a number of options to make your swim spa perfectly fit your surroundings and your needs, creating a multi-jet swim spa perfectly suited for exercise and relaxation.

Bespoke Shapes

Whether you want your spa to perfectly fit the corner of your space, or you're looking for a shape with the wow factor', we're happy to discuss what shape swim spa would best suit your needs, taking into account how you can get the most out of your space.

Bespoke Sizes

Whether it's a swim spa just for you, or you're looking for a larger spa to cater for commercial premises, at Spa de la Mare, we're always willing to offer options for spaces large and small, giving you the perfect size swim spa for the space available.

Bespoke jet positioning

Depending on your preference, we can position your spa's jets so as to provide a better swim spa experience. We're happy to talk over how different jet orientation can benefit in different ways, and can work with your own personal requirements to ensure your jets are position to suit you.


Perhaps one of the most important (and perhaps difficult) choices to make would be the tile design. With thousands of tile choices on offer, you could truly have a spa that fits in with your space perfectly and adds a decorative element. From classic and plain to decorative, reflective and brightly coloured, we can create a swim spa that reflects your taste and complements any decor.

If you're looking for a truly unique swim spa, tailored towards your needs in terms of both form and function, then why not contact Spa de la Mare today for a bespoke quotation.